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Katie Anderton / Her Majesty / Creative Writer

Milan (via Liverpool, UK)
Weapon of choice - Miss Scarlett, in The Library with the revolver 
Favourite Foreign Film - La Reine Margot
Star sign - Pisces (Ascendent Leo)
Spirit Animal - My Evil Cat Caglita
What Era would you live in  - Lady Idina Sackville blowing feathers on guests from onyx baths decorated with gold lion’s heads
Favourite Line - “I wish you was a wishing well, so I could tie a bucket to you and sink you” James Cagney Public Enemy

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In today's youth-obsessed world, just checking your Instagram feed can be a veritable minefield for your self-esteem. You know deep down that you're scrolling through someone's ‘highlight reel’, but it still impacts on you.

Thankfully, pioneers like JD Williams and a slew of insanely stylish and savvy femmes in their ‘more mature years’ are breaking the mould with honesty and authenticity to show us that women really do get better with age.




All women, All ages, All sizes

If our age group is between 40 and 75 - that means they lived their formative years through the 60, 70s and 80s.  These aren’t ‘old women’ they are women in their prime! 

Women who protested and danced to Motown. Women who burnt their bra’s and listened to ‘Gold Dust Woman’ , and ‘Little Bird’ on repeat . They are inspiring women and this is why we want them to be in this spot because that are relevant - they are interesting -  and they are showing the audience that you might not be on the ‘youthful’ side of 40 - but it doesn’t mean you are on the wrong one. 

…and why should we believe this? Because they do. They believe in themselves. I love the ‘Self-Affirmations’ thread through the campaign - because affirmations encourage us to believe positive things about ourselves - live our lives - manifest our dreams - achieve our goals -  they help us transform our thoughts and feelings and give us inner confidence. 

The supers serve as inspiration, as well as simple reminders.  “I” or “I am....” is powerful statement of identity and motivator for self-change.

REASON = For most women - the thought of getting into a bikini fills them with fear. Summer wardrobes mean they aren’t going to be able to hide behind the layers. JD Williams is a brand that caters stunning fashion for women to show off and rock their body with confidence.

Visually, our world will compelling and stylish, but also incredibly organic and free, with fluid dynamic camera movements that instinctively respond to the action and infuse each moment with a wonderful energy and rhythm - set against a myriad beautiful summer backdrops. Think golden shores, stones arches, open terraces, free spirits dancing on roof tops as the sun sets

…also rich textures, saturated colours - all orchestrated to give the overall impression of a strong editorial edge - littered  with women who possess attitude and style with a look that feels very much more bold and progressive than a traditional Fashion commercial. JD Williams is helping them put their ‘best selves’ forward. 

A film that exudes a fun and carefree spirit with lots of different dynamic shots  - so that the viewer feels like they are watching fashion/music video hybrid, where each vignette has a surprising twist and new way of presenting itself. Something visually punchy that plays on the dynamic between the women and their synchronicity to build a story - as we oscillate between close-ups and macro shots - to pick out all those minuet details of the clothes and then mix this in with elegantly composed wide shots of our AMAZING cast in the locations to bring the idea to life.

…maybe with some handheld movement to inject a more free and natural feel, with the camera responding to and working around the women as they are dancing down the street/beaches/cities rather than making them perform to or follow the camera. This will allow us to get close to them without feeling intrusive - even overshooting so that we have lots of options to play around with it in the edit - which will allow us to capture the exact mood that we want. 

The main thing is to invoke the spirit of the product with different vignettes of expression with these women celebrating how that feel in fashion that fits them perfectly. 


Tia Maria is taking the 21st Century by the reigns and showing itself as a pioneer for the individual. Why ? Because as a brand, Tia Maria reflects the world we live in - it reinvents itself and dares to be different.  So whether you’re a beard-sporting Hipster, a middle- aged Vinyl collector, a tribal Earth Mother or a 60 year-old ageing Rock Star with more tattoos than Keith Richards - Tia Maria is for you. This isn’t about creating a spot that churns out the typical model drenched advertising cliché about the ‘cool generation’. It's about making a campaign that celebrates the individual - a campaign that transcends age, race, gender -  that pushes boundaries, promotes diversity, and despite being a brand that we already know and love, it's about a new beginning.

The problem with society is that we are always expected to conform to the masses, for most of us maintaining an individuality becomes an onerous task.  You see, there are two types of people in this world -   those who follow the crowd and those who strive to lead the way.  Who NEVER follow the beaten track, who are their OWN person. This is this spot is about that latter, because just like Tia Maria, our protagonists are ‘One of a Kind’.  They are people who know what makes them happy - and who aren’t afraid to take pleasure in it.  A 21st Century spot that's inclusive, that crosses demographics. Thats about the individual living their life to the fullest free from ‘the norm’. The perfect metaphor for the fully rejuvenated image of our brand. 

In this spot we are heralding a

new age of Tia Maria ‘drinkers’

To do this genuinely, I think we need to forget the Actors - we don’t need stereotypes or clichés that feel contrived and set up.  We need REAL PEOPLE. So let’s do some street casting. Let’s get out there and meet the individuals the  REAL ONES who REALLY inject London with its uniqueness. People from all walks of life with different ‘looks’, styles, attitudes - people with quirks and imperfections - who have something to say for themselves and exude a confidence that is interesting, powerful and strong. Who aren’t afraid to celebrate their individuality from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

Artists, Chefs, Nurses, Musicians -  people who live in a converted warehouses in Hackney, people who don’t -  people who care about the provenance of their coffee with polymathic flatmates, people who shun public transport, and ride bikes. Old people, young people, people who look like the underground counter-culture tribes of Shoreditch - people who don’t. People with talents, people with weird tastes, normal people with strange hobbies - strange people with normal hobbies.   A melting pot that reflect London’s 21st Century demographic 

SO WHY LONDON? Well London is just that - it is all of the above. London is inspiring, unique and amazing.

It seduces with an almost universally accepting awe of liberating and cutting- edge style - ubiquitously packaged as ‘Cool Britannia’.

For years it has been a refuge for frustrated suburban - ‘ers’ who have moved there in search of the city lights - a refuge from dull provinces, limited horizons, overly protective environments, small minds - ‘Little Britain’ - The brilliant thing about London is it gives you the chance to be different. Especially somewhere like East London.  A place where Bankers and Bohemians live side by side - where people cast of the chains of hegemony and dare to be different.  It's this sort of freedom of expression that inspires others - pushing them to live their lives out with the joy of being their individual selves. East London especially - a melting pot of creativity - its utterly eclectic - with its downright awesome mix of moneymakers work alongside market traders, fashionistas and silicon roundabout entrepreneurs. For me - its perfect!

Every good narrative needs a strong spine to hold it together, and in this case, our musical track is that spine. The music we choose needs to resonates with the unique playfulness we’re looking to strike with edgy tone.  I like the idea of using something raw, and gritty maybe that takes on a sort of blues–rock vibe, the kind Jack White or The Black Keys use. There’s something about the experimental playfulness in their rhythms that really attracts me that I feel could work well with the visuals, and reflect the unconventional characters in our story.  Something upbeat,  bold and most importantly - cool. 

Although following our idea of ‘uniqueness’ I actually think it would be a better idea to come up with something of our own that has that sort of vibe. Something where we can shape our music to the edit an added element of the ‘enigma’  

We’ll also add in some sound effects to help build pace and momentum  and we move through the different vignettes. Sounds from the environments of our protagonists, that we help underline all the different individuals whilst at the same time help us to contextualise our changing worlds, as we move from place to place. They don’t have to be too prominent,- but for me, this type of sound design a great way of helping our characters to feel more real and present, a way to help to pull the viewer right into the moment.  Sounds that we can record on set and then use them when it feels appropriate in the edit to add a little more colour and texture. 

Will be vital to ground the authenticity of the films with the viewer to help them understand whats going on.   Due to the variety of the environments we want to feel like we are dipping in and out of the lives of people in and around the big smoke - as we look for interesting places that touch the lives of our target demographic. Each place we visit should feel just as authentic as our protagonists and give us a hint of the “universe” they live in. Contextualising each scene, in order to help our viewer to relate to our protagonists

Places with personality that feel like somewhere our protagonists fit and not just cold sets ready to shoot in.  As we’ve mentioned, somewhere like Shoreditch, London Fields, or Hackney would be perfect for this. The great thing about East London is its bursting with unique sights and sounds that are just begging to be captured on film

The vivid streets are so cinematic and offer a versatility beyond compare. Where else can you find yourself in a graffiti adorned row of start-ups and pop-ups down one street and be transported to post-war Britain down the next. Canals - industrial spaces, authentic ‘ungentrified’ streets and some beautiful architectural gems - it literally has everything. 

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